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Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic in Jeffrey’s Bay


I am the co-founder and clinic director of  ‘The Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic’. HMBC is a non-profit organization committed to improve the lives of mothers and babies and bringing professional private care to the underprivileged. We empower women to make informed decisions about their lives, health and families during pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

We partner with the Department of Health and are financially supported by friends and businesses. A private midwife practice is incorporated in the clinic and women support an underprivileged mother or baby by making use of our private service. This work is part of the outreach ministries of Victory Church.

For more information please visit The Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic.

Private Midwife Services

Private midwife services is an option open to all women, whether planning a home birth or in hospital. Private midwife services offer professional care during pregnancy, birth and after birth. The care offered is individualized and determined primarily by the wishes of each woman and their families.

I am based in Jeffrey’s Bay and do consultations at the Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic. 27 St. Francis street. You can book your appointment on 042-2931952. When you make use of me as a private midwife, you support disadvantaged mother and a baby at the Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic.

If you would like to get in touch via email, please click here.


Services Offered

Ante Natal Care: I offer professional care throughout pregnancy. You can make an appointment for your first visit after you confirmed you are pregnant. During the visit I will look at the growth and well-being of your baby, your blood pressure, iron levels, urine analysis and a once off blood test. This time will allow you to ask all your questions and empower you to make informed decisions. Together we will work out the right way and place for your baby to be born.

Midwives work together with doctors. It is required to see a midwife or doctor monthly initially, two weekly visits between week 30 and 36, and weekly visit in the last month of your pregnancy. Ideally you should be seen 2 or 3 times by your back-up doctor: between 8-16 weeks for a dating scan and as a referral for any problems, 18-22 for the all-inclusive scan, and again between 36-40 weeks so that he/she can have you on their birthing list. Should you go past 41 weeks, you will also be seen by your doctor for an assessment whether an induction might be necessary.

Midwives screen for complications and refer to a doctor should they occur. This might put you in the ‘high-risk’ category and you will be in the hands of the doctor as your primary care provider. They are specialist when things are not going the normal way. However, some complications can still be dealt with by me in conjunction with your back – up doctor. I embrace a multi-disciplinary approach.

Ante Natal Classes: I strongly advise couples to attend ante-natal classes. There is a wealth of information available out there, but a face-to-face session with a certified educator will just put you at ease and bring all the bits of information together. My experience is that especially the partners benefit tremendously from these sessions as they don’t engage in reading up as much as the pregnant women. I do group classes and individual sessions.

Topics that are included: Anatomy and physiology, exercises and posture, pregnancy niggles, watching your weight and health, signs of labour, stages of labour, birth, inductions, complications, caesarean section, pain relief options, breastfeeding, adjusting to life after birth, newborn care, etc.

Birth Options
Home births: I do home births if you are in the low-risk category, given you have a back-up doctor and a referral hospital within 20 min proximity from your home. I mainly do home births in Port Elizabeth as we don’t have back-up doctors in the Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, St-Francis Bay area.

Hospital births: I can deliver your baby as a private midwife in Greenacres Hospital, given you have a back-up doctor linked to the hospital willing to back us up.

Labour support: If you want to make use of me during your labour and birth, I can assist you.

Post Natal Care: I provide post natal care to any woman who needs assistance, whether you had a doctor or midwife assisted birth. Post natal visits can start in hospital and when you are at home. These visits are there to give you advice and support wherever needed.

The things I check would include: basic observations of you and the baby, breastfeeding, blood loss, sutures, involution of the uterus, baby blues, etc.

Skype Discovery Calls

I also offer Skype Discovery Calls where we can connect and I can help you navigate through the questions you might have. Keep in mind, these are not official consultations, but I am here to help answers all your questions as circumstances permit.

If you’d like more information, email me to book your discovery call today: click here.


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