Surfing in CHINA

I was on my way back from a road trip to one of my favorite places on the planet ‘Transkei’ when I received a call: “Would you be keen and available to go to the world longboarding championships?” And a month later I was on my way to China, Hainan to be part of the SWATCH GIRLS PRO world long boarding champs.

Surfing has been a passion of mine for many years. I love the ocean and everything that goes with it. I never surfed for anything else than the pure the love of it. Competition surfing was not in my plan and competing with the top surfers of the world didn’t even cross my imagination. I did however get involved with competition surfing in 2005; they were looking for women longboarders for our province team and that was the first time I had touched a longboard. I never looked back, fell in love with it, and carried on doing the annual South African champs. In 2013 I had my personal best as I made the finals in the SA Longboarding Champs. The ladies that came second and third couldn’t make it to worlds and I was next in the row. Of course I would go! Give me an adventure and a travel opportunity, doing what I love doing most, and I’m there! It felt like I received a gift straight from heaven.

No one ever thinks of China as a surfing destination, perhaps that’s why the Chinese government wanted to get the top surfers to Hainan, the “Hawaii” of the East.

Quiet Sunday meditating on life and GRACE = free gift, undeserved blessing, unconditional acceptance, unmerited favor...manifestation of His Power exceeding what we could achieve or hope for in own labors. My life does not make sense, its GRACE in action. Love it! Forever thank you Jesus! #lightbythesee #grace #riyuebay #hainan #surf #worldlongboardchampionship2014

No better way to promote your island. We were welcomed with great enthusiasm and Chinese hospitality is surely something to experience and the opening function one to never forget!

Meeting all the surfer girls form all over the world was the best part of the trip. What a privilege to surf with all these beautiful talented girls! 1000361_10153551495620612_1981876839_nOn top of that, my last heat was against the long boarding queen Kassia Meador. Obviously I didn’t come too far in the comp, but being there was like a win!

Whether you like competing or not, it adds to your surfing. At least for me it did. I am basically the only girl longboarding in Jeffreys Bay and never get pushed by anyone but myself. Being at Worlds and seeing all those girls rip, I got so inspired and my surfing reached another level. It helped me to place second in South Africa in 2014, which made me qualify for Worlds again and of I went to GoPro World Longboarding Champs. Who would have ever thought? How did I get there? I don’t know, I suppose just by doing what you are passionate about, going for those dreams that were deposited in seed form by your maker.

Never underestimate yourself!

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