Keep Paddling Out

Since I can remember my parents would take us to the South African South Coast for our yearly family holiday. Since I remember I had an attraction to the ocean. I would play all day in the waves with my little body board and dreamingly look at the guys surfing the big waves out there. Just imagining how amazing that must be. It remained a dream for a very long time. My family is not a surfers family and no one could introduce me to the sport. We relocated to the Netherlands when I was 14 and only once I was more independent and a student, I started to learn to surf.

Every surfer knows there is no shortcut to learn to surf and often it is a humbling process. The whitewater’s, your first face wave, bigger waves, faster waves and the million of whipe-outs… I would see good surfers out there, they make it look so exciting and easy, but I had to go through all the steps and it wasn’t easy. But the journey was thrilling and fulfilling! I had a goal and I purposed in my heart, I am going to be able to surf well! The key was to never give up and keep on paddling out. I would have never thought that this commitment would have taken me to China in 2013 where I had the privilege to represent South Africa in the Swatch Girls Pro ASP longboard World Championship in 2013 & 2014.

Surfing to me has so many parallels with my walk with Jesus. Growing up in a Christian Family I had to get out there and find God for myself. I would see beautiful Christians, they made it look so exciting and easy, but I had to engage the process for myself. And it couldn’t stay with just thinking about it and looking at other Christian hero’s, I had to get out there. I was looking for God, for the real deal. I figured that if God is really who He tells He is in His Word, there should be more to life than I was experiencing. And I challenged Him. I wanted it all, the full package.

In 2003 whilst doing Youth With A Mission in Jeffrey’s Bay, I met Jesus in a new way, I encountered Him for myself and since then I purposed in my heart, I am going all out after Him. I became a Jesus follower… It was a humbling process. Little steps at a time. In the process He revealed Himself to me and in that I found out who I am. He brought me into a freedom I didn’t knew exist. He taught me to recognize His voice and to catch the waves of the Spirit.

And this is still going on! It has become a lifestyle. I cannot imagine a life without a relationship with the living God anymore. It is better than the best and biggest wave I have ever ridden. I live my life to bring Glory to His name and surfing is an act of worship to My Creator.

The key is to just never ever give up. Keep paddling out in order to catch the waves. It might not always be easy, but it is so worth it!

‘Keep on asking and it will be given to you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking reverently and the door will be opened to you.’ Matthew 7:7

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