Maria and Dave Grewar

My first birth was in hospital 3 years ago and although it was a relatively “successful”, unmedicated birth as I’d hoped for, we decided as a family that the peaceful surrounds of our home was actually where we wanted our second child to be born. We also felt that midwife-led care was the closest to the way birth was designed; natural, uninterrupted, supportive and sacred – so we set out to find a team who would help us reach our goals.

I found a great team of 2 extremely experienced midwives and our incredible doula as well as a really supportive back up OBGYN who deemed me low risk and a great candidate for home birth. On Sunday morning 12 Jan 2020 (38 weeks 5 days) I woke to a very sharp contraction at about 3am. I had been having Braxton Hicks for about 6
weeks already and definitely knew I was in the build up phase the week before.

I waited in bed excitedly to see if any more contractions would come and I timed about 4 during the next hour but they were quite irregular. By 5am I felt them become more intense and rhythmic so I woke my husband and told him it’s D-day!!! By 6am I told him to start setting up the birth pool and to call our team. Contractions were now about 8-10 mins a part.

Our amazing doula arrived at 8:30, just after friends collected our 3 year old, and began prepping our home with candles, music and her reassuring presence. I was quite contentedly labouring on my left side in my bed with hubby and doula helping me ride each wave when I called them for support. Contractions were intense but manageable and I felt really in the zone snuggly in my bed. By 9:30 however the contractions started coming fast and furious and I felt the urge to bear down already – I found doing this the second time around amazing as I actually felt I knew what was happening. I could literally feel my son descending! The contractions felt like they changed from below to above.

The midwives arrived at 9:45, quietly and calmly, and I delivered swiftly on my hands and knees on my bed at 10am (didn’t even get to the pool my hubby so lovingly set up!)! 3 very focused pushes and he was born beautifully into the world – all 4kgs 56cm of him! Bigger than my firstborn but amazingly easier it felt to birth! It was a most spiritual, exhilarating and relieving experience! Surrounded by peaceful  and knowledgeable women and my hubby, the entire process was tranquil and natural, right in the place I felt safest.

No shouting, not one internal check, no monitors or poking or prodding either myself or my baby. It was a most incredible experience! Lots of people have commented in the last few days that either we are nuts, really brave, just lucky or “you’re just built for birth” – to which I think none of these are true. I think every woman was designed
for birth – that we have a Designer that can create a baby and a mom and He doesn’t make duds. I think the some key elements we are missing as a generation are trust in our own abilities as women to birth our babies as well as adequate knowledge about birth and the beauty of the process. It’s also vital having the right people around you believing these truths and communicating healthy narratives to you. Birth is a natural and beautiful process, it is intimate and miraculous – a moment we only get to witness perhaps once or a handful of times in our lives. No matter what environment or care provider you choose, those are the values that should be promoted and encouraged on
your behalf in every stage of pregnancy and birth – and nothing less!

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