Welcome to my blog – ‘The Surfing Midwife’

Surfing and Midwifery; two passions in my life that are so interlinked. They have caused me to learn, develop and grow as a person, to travel and meet great people, to witness wonders of creation and to find purpose for my life. Both of them promote healthy lifestyles of which I am a great ambassador.

I am based in Jeffrey’s Bay – South Africa, a true surfers paradise. My passion for the ocean is intertwined with love for people and my desire to look after the people behind the waves. I am the co-founder and director of ‘The Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic’, an NGO which commits to bringing quality midwifery care to the underprivileged in our local community. Alongside that do I work as a private midwife and on a journey to do my PhD.

Often I have been thinking, if only I could tell the world what I have just experienced. Or, I wish the whole world could know this. It’s never to late to start. I have no big intentions other than wanting to share little bits of my experiences, thoughts and meditations with a wider audience that is interested.